What is Star Atlas (ATLAS)?

ATLAS - Solana's Best Metaverse Project

Star Atlas is an online game within a virtual gaming metaverse. Once completed, Atlas will be of the highest visual quality similar to modern cinema. The environment will be very realistic which is a huge drawing card for the new metaverse experiences gamers are looking for. For more info on the burgeoning crypto world of the metaverse, check out The Best Crypto for 2022 – Surprising Predictions!

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What is Star Atlas?

The metaverse game, star atlas, is the latest title in the long-lasting scene. While there are many other games to choose from, Star Atlas has a unique combination of gameplay mechanics and style that make it stand out from the rest. What makes this game so special? While most other MMORPGs have a PvE (player versus environment) approach with quests that players complete for rewards and item drops, Star Atlas offers PvP (player versus player). In addition, it is a modern, casual game that provides the most enjoyable gaming experience. Let’s get started…

The Best Metaverse Game - Star ATLAS

(a) Gameplay Mechanics

Star Atlas is a modern grid-based RPG with a PvP area in PvE space. The first thing players will notice when they enter this game are the aggressive game mechanics that were specifically designed to provide players with an enjoyable online gaming experience. Star Atlas has several unique elements such as PvP battles and mechanics like mercenaries, raids, town bosses and bounty hunting.

The PvE area for players is the space station. Players will interact with NPC adventurers and receive quests that involve exploration and PvP. At first glance, the gameplay seems to be similar to traditional MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, but it actually contains a different system. Compared to other games, Star Atlas has fewer tedious limitations. Players can visit all areas of the star atlas in any order that they want. In addition, players can upgrade equipment and recruit mercenaries at will.


PvP battles are a key element of Star Atlas. This combat system is more strategic than traditional MMORPGs as it provides players with more options to strategize their strategy. In addition, combat is less restrictive since PvP occurs in a separate PvP arena instead of the downtime area. Players will receive random quests from NPCs (non-player characters), but they can also attack other players and steal items.

There are two main types of PvP battles.

Raids are PVP battles between a large number of players. In these battles, a large number of players will come together to fight against the boss enemies that are located in the dungeons. Players can be automatically deployed into this battle through an automatic quest feature and receive rewards for completing these quests. The size of these fights varies from 1 vs. 1 to 1 vs a few hundred (depending on the raid size).

Bounty hunting is a PVP battle between a few people. In these battles, players will target another player and fight for their items. These battles are more similar to traditional MMORPGs than raids because they are fought in PvP areas instead of the dedicated PvP combat zone. A bounty hunter can be anyone and will win the bounty if they manage to kill the targeted player within 60 minutes. The targeted player can either fight back or run away (this will be considered a loss).


Another innovative feature of Star Atlas is the NPC mercenaries system. Players can recruit mercenaries to fight with them in battle. These mercenary NPCs have certain levels and will act accordingly in battle. They can be temporarily hired with less cost than permanent hires, but they will only work for a limited amount of time (up to 20 hours). This feature allows players the flexibility and freedom to use the mercenaries when they want and then fire them when they are no longer needed. In addition, players can also set the level and performance of their mercenaries through actions (equipment, potions, etc.).

In addition to these features, there are other additional mechanics such as the experience system that players can use for leveling up. The experience points that are obtained from battles will increase when players level up. In addition to this, there are special items that each player is given when they level up. Also added is the ability to become a mercenary by trading items with mercenaries in exchange for mercenary service.


This game has many features that make it an enjoyable experience for players. In this part of the article, we’ll introduce some of the more interesting features. Let’s talk about the various aspects of Star Atlas.

In-game currency is gold and silver coins. Players can earn these coins in different ways, such as completing quests or attacking other players. In this game, you can also earn gold by selling the money you receive from completing quests. Players can also buy items using money, so there is no need to purchase gold.

There are five different servers in Star Atlas that allow players to choose which area they want to play. In addition to this, there are territories that contain dungeons and special areas that have higher difficulty level than the other areas. The PvP arena is only available in these territories. The PvP area has hard floors, traps and strong enemies, so it will be easy for players to fall if they don’t have the necessary skills or items.

Star ATLAS Trailer (YouTube)

Global: http://www.global.star-atlantis.com/en/ (Global site) | http://www.worldofstaratlantis.com/onlinewww/download_pc_client.php (English Client) | http://unglobalgameplay.wikia.com/wiki/World_of_Star_Atlas (Wiki) | https://www.

Four Different Genres In One

The game blends different genres. You have to strategize and develop tactical plans of action when playing with other players and factions. Exploration is a big part of the game, and there are many stars to explore and exploit. A first-person flight game is a game that simulates the experience of flying in a vehicle. The game can be played both in and out of the work space. There are also real-world opportunities for players to mine resources and make some extra bank.

After choosing a faction, players are given time to explore the basics of gameplay. They don’t have to worry about being attacked. Later, they can explore medium-level security and open gameplay where combat is permitted.

There are two aspects to gameplay: exploring deep space and fighting in combat. Gameplay pillars are the main aspects of gameplay. The other aspects of the game are choosing when to mine resources, forging alliances to gain control of resources and scaling control of resources.
Possessions acquired from the game may be traded for cash.

Star Atlas was announced in January 2021 and is being built on the Solana blockchain. It is backed by several Solana-based projects, an example is Serum, a decentralized exchange, and FTX, a centralized exchange.

Who Are the Founders of Star Atlas?

When asked about employees, CEO Michael Wagner, COO Pablo Quiroga, the head of operations Deb Lucas answer the question: Prior to founding Star Atlas, Michael Wagner worked at a VC fund and at Multichain Ventures, a company focused on producing start-ups with blockchain-based products. Pablo Quiroga is the founder of a supplement startup and worked in biotechnology before co-founding Star Atlas. Deb Lucas has a finance-based background with posts at Charles Schwab and Barclays.

What Makes Star Atlas Unique?

Star Atlas aims to deliver an immersive metaverse gaming experience that encompasses several genres and combines a cinema-quality gaming experience with an ability to earn virtual assets that can be exchanged for real-life currency. It plans to supersede its competitors by outperforming them in several areas. So far, no blockchain game combines as many different gameplay possibilities as Star Atlas. While some games offer the option to earn via staking, or battle other players for virtual assets, or explore its virtual world and form alliances, no game does all of the above simultaneously.

Things Players Can Do

Players can create a unique avatar, choose its appearance, name and backstory. Players can battle other players in the 3D player-versus-player mode.

Players can stake their coins via an Ethereum smart contract. Every day, they receive 1/365 of the coins they’ve staked as interest.

Players can explore a virtual world and form alliances with other players. They can also buy goods and services from one another using the marketplace feature.n use the ATLAS token as in-game currency to purchase assets, but they will also be able to buy NFTs on the NFT marketplace that will function as ships and other in-game equipment.


At the same time, players will be able to choose a profession, such as CEO, broker, bounty hunter, pirate and a large number of others to fulfill roles on spaceships. Spaceships will also have the option to combine resources and compete not only individually, but also collectively.

These so-called decentralized autonomous corporations will be able to construct entire space cities with accompanying micro-economies. The POLIS token, the second token of the Star Atlas universe, will serve as a governance token in these space cities, as well as for governance decisions regarding the game.

Star Atlas focuses on a balance of several different gameplay formats.

Intergalactic Trading Company: Players earn money by trading goods and services in the interactive ATLAS universe. The game is planned to be separated into three main sectors – a high-tech sector, an industrial sector and a fantasy-themed sector. Players can acquire a variety of ships, buildings, virtual real estate and other assets to create an empire or port of their very own.

Also, plans to offer an NFT marketplace and an NFT release schedule to distribute and trade in-game assets. Moreover, by being integrated with the Serum DEX, ATLAS token holders will have the option to provide liquidity, or sell and buy their token holdings.

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How Is the Star Atlas Network Secured?

Star Atlas is set up on the Solana blockchain. Solana was selected for its fast transaction times and very small transaction fees compared to expensive highways such as Ethereum. These factors make ATLAS, currently, the only blockchain-based metaverse gaming experience able to host such an ambitious game.

According to coinmarketcap.com, “Solana is a layer one blockchain with a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism with partial Byzantine Fault Tolerance. It has 200 nodes operating worldwide that can, at their peak, process up to 50,000 transactions per second. Solana performs a set of coordinated optimizations to achieve such impressive performance and processes transactions in a multi-threaded way, which sets it apart from slower blockchains.” Secure and fast! A not-so-common combination.

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