Microbt unveils powerful BTC mining rigs with up to 126 TH/s

The Bitcoin mining industry has been rapidly evolving, with rig manufacturers pushing the boundaries with power and efficiency. Recently, we have been seeing new generation miners from popular companies like Bitmain and Intel. And now Microbt has also joined the list as it unveils 2 new powerful BTC mining rigs which can produce up to 126 TH/s. It’s their Whatsminer M50 series and was showcased at the Bitcoin Miami conference.

Microbt’s new BTC miners

Microbt’s new Bitcoin miners are a jump from their previous offerings but are still far behind the competition. While they are offering a maximum of 126 TH/s with the Whatsminer M5o series, Bitmain’s new miners can offer up to 255 TH/s. We also have lower variants from the company, which is still a steep 10% more powerful than the top offering of MicroBt at 140 TH/s. However, the chip shortage and high demand for rigs will push buyers to their side even if their offerings are not as powerful.

The latest offering from the company has a custom chip design and has an efficiency rating of 26 joules per terahash running of 3,276 watts. The chip is based on a 5nm process which makes it efficient for what it offers.

In the future, we might see an even more powerful rig from the company which will have hydro-cooling for sustained performance. It will be a strong competition to the top lineup of Bitmain and will offer up to 240 TH/s. For now, Microbt is focusing on supporting the mining industry in North America. They have a manufacturing capability of 30k units per month from the Southeast Asia facility.

Pricing and profits

The latest Whatsminer M50 series with up to 126 TH/s hash rate is available for $10,924.20 per unit. The older model with 114 TH/s is a little cheaper at $8857.80. The Whatsminer M50 series is a profitable device at the current prices of Bitcoin and $0.10 KW/hr electricity rates. It can easily push upwards of $11 per day in profits.

If you are planning to enter the mining industry, BTC is the way to go. Ethereum has been more profitable till now, but very soon, it will move to a proof of stake mechanism, which will make mining obsolete for the coin.

What are your thoughts as Microbt unveils 2 new powerful BTC mining rigs? And do you think it will be able to compete with Bitmain? Let us know in the comments below. Also, if you found our content informative, do like and share it with your friends.

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