Ethereum Breaks $1,800 Mark, But still Trails Bitgert Price Performance 


Key Points:

  • Ethereum has finally broken the $1.8k price
  • Bitgert is still outperforming Ethereum
  • Bitgert expected to remain bullish

The Ethereum price has reached $1,800 again this week, giving traders hope that the coin might finally break the $2k ceiling before the end of this week. The Ethereum coin price has been plunging over the last few weeks, with the coin dropping to sell below the $1,800. The fall has left investors who speculated a bullish Ethereum in the first week in losses.

The plummeting Ethereum comes in the backdrop of another hawkish FED review of the inflation rates. That’s why the entire market has been plummeting, with Ethereum being among the coin that posted a significant decline.

Will Ethereum Break The 2k Ceiling This Week?

The ability of the Ethereum coin to move past the $2k mark will be determined by whether the bears or bulls will take control. If the price goes bullish, then Ethereum is looking for a resistance level of $2,200 or $2,400. This means Ethereum might break the $2k ceiling and probably reach the $2.5k before the end of this week.

But if the bears take control, crypto analysts say that Ethereum might push past the $1,700 support level and hit $1,300 before the end of the week. Therefore, Ethereum performance remains unclear and could go either way depending on various variables. Note that the Ethereum merge is getting closer, which might greatly affect the price of the Ethereum coin.

Bitgert Impact

Bitgert (BRISE) is one of the biggest competitors that Ethereum will need to look at. The Bitgert team has developed a blockchain that has addressed most Ethereum challenges. In fact, the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain is an EVM chain, and thus offering a cheaper and faster blockchain means bringing competition to the door of Ethereum.

Several Ethereum projects have migrated to the Bitgert chain, and more blockchain users are joining the Bitgert chain. So the mass adoption of the Bitgert BRC20 chain, due to its zero gas fee and faster speed, are the reason Bitgert price performance is better than Ethereum.

Bitgert also boasts of faster roadmap delivery and building the most disruptive blockchain products in the market. That’s why more investors, including Ethereum holders, are joining Bitgert.


The Ethereum price performance is still shaky and might wobble again this week. However, Bitgert has so many developments that will keep Bitgert’s price-performance bullish.

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