Articles by Peter Conley – Bitcoin Magazine

Peter Conley is a Writer and Web Developer who has been in the tech industry since 2014. He currently works as a Product Advocate for the second fastest (behind Slack) growing startup in tech history; Vercel. 

Peter graduated with a degree in Business Administration from SUNY Geneseo in 2012 and received a Full-Stack Web Development certification from The Bloom Institute of Technology (FKA Lambda School) in May 2022.

Peter has consumed over 1,000 hours of Bitcoin content from books, podcasts, and Twitter. He has read, and written book summaries on the following bitcoin books/content: The Bitcoin Standard, The Internet of Money – Volume I, The Internet of Money – Volume II, The Internet of Money – Volume III, The Bitcoin White Paper, Layered Money, The Bullish Case For Bitcoin, and Digital Gold.

Peter has built a web application that converts your net worth from USD to BTC. The link to that GitHub repository is here. Peter is a self-custody advocate and currently runs a cold storage consulting business. Peter also runs a full Bitcoin Lightning node with Nodl’s Dojo.

Peter is captivated by and writes a lot about, the potential societal impact and job opportunities with bitcoin.