21Shares’ Diversified Crypto Staking Index ETP, A Game Changer In The Industry

21Shares, the most significant issuer of crypto Exchange Traded Products, revealed the 21Shares Staking Basket Index ETP, the very first crypto staking index Exchange Traded Product (ETP), providing diversified income through staking, according to January 18th press release.

21Shares’ staking index, created in partnership with Vinter of Sweden, serves as a foundation for the world’s first digital-asset basket product. This Exchange-Traded Product gives exposure to staking rewards while accurately mirroring the performance of the staked digital currencies.

As per the press release, this index keeps an eye on digital coins which work on the Proof-of-Stake system, such as Binance Coin, Cardano, Cosmos, Polkadot, Solana, and Tezos. The index is updated every six months to reflect changing trends in the market, with alterations taking place in the months of March and September.

In the last year, 21Shares has revolutionized the market with its exchange-traded products, including CBTC, the most affordable Bitcoin ETP, and two risk-adjusted products, SPBTC and SPETH. Today’s launch increases the company’s portfolio.

STAKE: Diversified Crypto Staking Index ETP

Arthur Krause, Director of ETP Product at 21.co and parent company of 21Shares, explained that staking enables crypto owners to gain compensation by securing their assets. Their research indicated that investors are eager to receive returns from a diversified crypto source – even during the crypto winter.

Arthur Krause added in the statement:

In particular, we’ve heard the demand for a reliable and safe way to access StakingStaking, one of the most attractive potential return streams available in the crypto ecosystem. The 21Shares Staking Basket Index ETP does just that and will be an attractive addition to many portfolios.

Jacob Lindberg, CEO of Vinter, also commented on the launch, stating that their product meets the needs of retail and institutional investors worldwide. Lindberg continues saying that they anticipate continuing to collaborate with 21Shares as they work to introduce more inventive investment offerings that link up to the crypto realm.

However, the world’s first crypto staking index, ETP, is now trading on the BX Swiss Exchange and seeking to list on Xetra Deutsche Boerse. This launch builds upon the success of their current single-asset staking products: 21Shares Solana Staking ETP and 21Shares Tezos Staking ETP.

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