Best Cryptos to Buy Now According to Reddit: What Users Think Are the Best Coins To Buy in for 2023

Finding the perfect cryptocurrencies to invest in can be a daunting task, especially with the space evolving daily. With so many choices to choose from, where do you start? Luckily, you’ll find a wealth of information on forums like Reddit. In this article, you’ll discover some of the best cryptos to buy now, according to user recommendations and why they could be perfect additions to your portfolio in 2023.

1. Metacade (MCADE): Best Crypto to Buy Now – Choice for P2E Gaming

Metacade is a community hub that aims to be Web3’s number-one destination for play-to-earn (P2E) gaming. It’s where like-minded gamers, developers, and crypto fanatics can connect and collaborate while having fun exploring the nascent GameFi space. You’ll find valuable features for learning about and earning more from P2E gaming on the platform, like forums, reviews, leaderboards, and leading alpha shared by industry experts.

Considering Metacade’s role as a social space for P2E gamers, it’s easy to see why Reddit users have fallen in love with the project. Social platforms, like Reddit, have become essential to gaming communities over the past few years, and Metacade will certainly deliver on the social element. By combining community and P2E gaming, Metacade has the potential to become a one-stop platform for everything GameFi.

One feature that has been a hit amongst Reddit users is Metacade’s community rewards. To encourage users to share their knowledge with others, Metacade rewards users with its native MCADE token each time they post reviews, tips, and other valuable content. Whether you’re a seasoned P2E pro looking to earn some extra income or still learning the ropes, it doesn’t matter: you can earn by simply contributing to the community and helping others out.

This isn’t the only way to earn through Metacade, however. You’ll also be in the running to win a big prize if you participate in one of the regular tournaments or lotteries hosted on the platform. There’s even a job board launching in 2024, where you’ll discover casual and long-term opportunities working with companies at the cutting edge of Web3 development.

Most excitingly, Metacade will be debuting its Metagrant program in late 2023. Metagrants allow developers to present their ideas as equals – regardless of their own resources – offering them a chance to bring their vision to life with financial support.

Developers first enter their idea into one of the Metagrant competitions, and Metacade users vote on their favorites. The winner is awarded funding from the treasury to kickstart development and can beta test their game using Metacade’s native testing environment. Once complete, the game is added to Metacade’s virtual arcade for anyone to log on and play.

Overall, Metacade is shaping up to potentially be one of the top cryptos for 2023. Given that the P2E industry is rapidly accelerating 10x faster than regular gaming, according to analysts – Metacade is in a solid position for growth this year. Combined with its community-centric approach and innovative features like the Metagrant, it seems likely that MCADE could outperform this year. Keep an eye on this one: it could be one of the best cryptos to buy that Reddit has uncovered in a long time.

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2. Ethereum (ETH): The Leading Layer 1 Solution

Ethereum is the smart contract platform of choice for developers and users across the globe. It provides the critical infrastructure for thousands of decentralized applications (dApps) and has become the world’s second-most valuable cryptocurrency thanks to its dominance in this space.

Reddit users frequently point to this leadership as one of the biggest reasons to invest in the token. Despite fierce competition from other layer 1 blockchains, none have yet managed to knock Ethereum off the top spot. This is clear when looking at Ethereum’s prominence in decentralized finance. According to DeFi Prime, of the 203 projects it has listed on its site, 178 are built on Ethereum – that’s 87%!


Additionally, several high-impact upgrades are being made to the network in 2023. Ethereum will transition to sharding, which is expected to boost its network speeds from roughly 15 transactions per second (TPS) to over 100,000 TPS. This could pave the way for a new wave of Ethereum adoption, and that’s why it’s one of the best cryptos to buy now according to Reddit.

3. Bitcoin (BTC): The Crypto of Choice for Institutions

If Ethereum is the queen of crypto, then Bitcoin is the undisputed king. Since its inception 15 years ago in 2007, it’s remained the top choice for cryptocurrency investors across the globe. In fact, it’s one of the only cryptos that’s seen widespread mainstream adoption amongst retail and institutional investors. In 2022, institutional investors and crypto whales invested heavily in BTC.

Moreover, according to Reddit, the current Bitcoin bear market shouldn’t put investors off. In the previous bear market, BTC retraced 84% from $19,800 to $3,100 yet managed to soar to $69,000 just three years later. With the Federal Reserve expected to lower interest rates this year, Bitcoin will likely see a massive resurgence as money floods into the crypto market. As such, Bitcoin is the third-best crypto to buy now, according to Reddit.

4. Chainlink (LINK): Vital for Crypto Mass Adoption

Chainlink is a decentralized oracle service allowing other blockchains to access off-chain data, like APIs, banking systems, weather reports, and more. This allows them to interact with the real world and greatly expands the number of use cases for blockchain technology. It’s commonly used in DeFi projects to provide secure and reliable data for decentralized exchanges, lending platforms, and stablecoins. Aave, Compound, and Frax all rely on Chainlink to power their services.

Despite being an essential component of the adoption of blockchain technology, Chainlink almost has an effective monopoly on the decentralized oracle space. As per DeFiLlama, Chainlink’s dominance stands at 47%, powering 235 protocols. Excluding Maker (which only powers its own protocol), Chainlink has more market share than every other oracle combined.

This unrivaled leadership makes Chainlink one of Reddit’s favorite crypto projects. With real-world use cases expected to grow in 2023, like in the supply chain management and insurance industries, Chainlink could outperform this year, making it the fourth-best crypto amongst Reddit users.

5. Shiba Inu (SHIB): A Favorite of Reddit Investors

Shiba Inu is one of the leading meme tokens on the market, just behind Dogecoin. It rose to popularity in 2021 after Elon Musk announced his support for Dogecoin, which prompted a flurry of imitators to try and capitalize on the hype. One of these projects was Shiba Inu, created by a pseudonymous founder, Ryoshi. According to Ryoshi, Shiba Inu was built as “an experiment in decentralized spontaneous community building.”

This philosophy has been the main driver for r/SHIBArmy’s growth from a few hundred followers to almost 500k users, as well as the incredible 1000%+ run SHIB saw in October 2021. While many have criticized Shiba Inu for its lack of originality and utility, Reddit users have hit back, citing its fast-growing ecosystem and high market cap as reasons to be bullish on SHIB crypto in 2023.

For example, ShibaSwap, Shiba Inu’s decentralized exchange, and the recent play-to-earn mobile game Shiba Eternity have both been growing in popularity recently. According to the Google Play Store, Shiba Eternity has over 100k Android users alone. Given the continued loyalty of the SHIBArmy, it’s no wonder that Shiba Inu is considered one of the best cryptos by Reddit users.

6. Litecoin (LTC): An Underrated Crypto

An often-overlooked crypto, Litecoin is one of the world’s oldest cryptocurrencies, launching in 2011. While Bitcoin is typically referred to as “digital gold,” Litecoin has frequently been termed “digital silver.” That’s because Litecoin is actually a fork of Bitcoin, meaning it’s based on Bitcoin’s code. Being a fork gives it all the benefits of Bitcoin, like decentralization and a limited supply, while offering lower transaction costs and faster speeds.

Some have questioned why investors would choose Litecoin over similar, more advanced cryptocurrencies. Part of Litecoin’s appeal amongst Reddit users is its simplicity and age: it’s effectively a faster, cheaper version of Bitcoin and doesn’t need to be any more than that.

Litecoin’s popularity is demonstrated in figures released by BitPay, one of the world’s leading crypto payment processors. Companies like MoneyGram are now supporting the purchase and sale of LTC on their mobile app . This shows Litecoin adoption is steadily growing, making it one of the best cryptos Reddit recommends for 2023.

7. ApeCoin (APE): The Currency of the Metaverse?

ApeCoin, alongside Metacade, is one of the newest tokens on this list. Yuga Labs created APE after the epic success of its flagship NFT project Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). It’s the native utility and governance token of the Ape ecosystem, granting holders exclusive access to games, merch, events, and other services, as well as voting rights in the ApeCoin DAO. However, the most anticipated feature amongst Reddit users is its use as the de-facto currency of Otherside, Yuga’s metaverse project.

Otherside is being tipped as one of the most ambitious metaverses yet, complete with an immersive storyline, in-game land known as Otherdeeds, and tools for user-generated content. It’s being built in partnership with Animoca Brands, the company behind The Sandbox, and Improbable, one of the world’s leaders in metaverse technology.

While not too much is known about what the finished product will look like, it’s safe to say that Otherside could be a huge catalyst for APE if all goes according to plan. Therefore, APE is one of the best cryptos Reddit users suggest for 2023.

Metacade (MCADE): The Best Crypto to Buy Now, according to Reddit

While it’s anyone’s guess how the crypto market will treat investors in 2023, you can at least be a little more certain about where to put your money this year. Titans like Bitcoin and Ethereum are recommended by virtually every crypto investor on Reddit, while tokens like Shiba Inu and Chainlink have built up niche communities of die-hard supporters that make convincing arguments for their favorite projects. But, in terms of investment potential for crypto in 2023, Metacade is the clear winner here.

Besides all the incredible qualities already mentioned, Reddit users are banking on Metacade’s huge presale. Just 7 weeks after launch, Metacade has already sold over $2m worth of MCADE, and time is running out to get involved. While the beta sale may have ended, it’s likely there are still huge gains to be made by adding this highly undervalued token to your portfolio. Now in its presale stage, 1 MCADE is valued at $0.01, but this price will rise, so the sooner you invest, the better.

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