Shiba Inu Soars After Shibarium Testnet Updates, As Bitgert Spiked After Exchange Launched On Playstore

The much-awaited Shibarium is now in the last stages of development, according to the latest updates. The Shiba Inu team updated that this layer-2 blockchain solution testnet has been launched, and the crypto community is excited about it.

In fact, immediately after the Shibarium testnet going live was announced, the price of SHIB started rising. The growing demand for this coin is one of the reasons why the coin has done well, as more investors buy Shiba Inu ahead of the anticipated explosion after the actual launch of this product.

Shibarium has been designed and developed to address the big problem of Shiba Inu relying on the Ethereum chain. The blockchain solution will power the Shiba Inu ecosystem as well as allow developers to build on it. Therefore, it is one of the key utilities that will grow the adoption of the Shiba Inu coin.

With the such massive potential to make investors good returns, Shibarium has increased the demand for the Shiba Inu coin. This is what has caused the soaring of the Shiba Inu price over the last few days. Another coin that will do well is the Bitgert (BRISE).

Bitgert Exchange Launching On Playstore Has Spiked $BRISE

Bitgert coin has been on a bullish sentiment over the past few days, and according to crypto analysts, the Bitgert exchange is one of the biggest reasons. Bitgert exchange launched on Playstore this week, and the reception from the community has been impressive.

The exchange has already registered +5k downloads in less than 72 hours as of writing, and the rating looks good. The fast-growing adoption of this exchange has made Bitgert very attractive to investors

The exchange offers a zero trading fee and has one of the fastest speeds, and its security is top-notch. With no KYC, this exchange will definitely be one of the most sought-after blockchains. However, the 5 billion BRISE airdrop has also greatly contributed to the current performance of the Brise coin.

With the Bitgert exchange adoption growing every day, as well as the transactions, BRISE will still be one of the best-performing coins this year.

Final Thought

With the massive development that Bitgert and Shiba Inu projects are working on, these coins might do well in the market in the next few weeks. However, Bitgert is forecasted to be the most explosive coin, hence making it the best option for investors today.