These Are The Best Metaverse Crypto Games To Play In 2023

Crypto metaverses are known as captivating virtual worlds with significant social and economic potential. By utilizing blockchain infrastructure, investors are gaining access to the larger crypto economy. Crypto coins make virtual goods fungible for actual economic value outside the metaverse. 

The metaverse is positioned to play a key role in the next wave of blockchain games to be available on the internet as it integrates the fascinating worlds of virtual reality (VR), the interactive gameplay of video games, the interconnected involvement of social media, and the valuable trading of cryptocurrencies. This article will touch on some of these metaverse games which includes Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG), Fight Out (FGHT), RobotEra TARO), Calvaria (RIA), Tamadoge TAMA),

Battle Infinity (IBAT).

Many Metaverse experts claim that these games and their tokens are going to perform well in the coming months. Investors can look into starting their Metaverse journey with them. 

Crypto Metaverse Games That Are Making Waves 

Some people view NFT games as a developing digital economy that offers income-generating possibilities to a lot of families all over the globe. Some other persons view them as the first experience of the virtual realities made possible by the future internet generation. A final set of people just view NFT games as means of making a ton of cash. In our opinion, all these groups of people can be right.

Meta Masters Guild

Meta Masters Guild prides itself as a decentralized play-to-earn game. It utilizes MEMAG as the ecosystem’s official token. Holders can use this token for a variety of purposes, including the purchase of assets. It operates on the Ethereum blockchain. All in-game assets are verifiable on the Ethereum Blockchain making it a completely transparent project.

The mission of the project is to be the largest gaming guild on web3 by creating fun and addictive gaming titles with playable NFTs in which their community can earn rewards, stake, and trade. Who would pass up any opportunity to earn money by playing games? That is what the Meta Masters Guild provides, and the MEMAG token is currently available in presale.

Raid NFTs, Meta Masters world Meta Kart Racers, and many NFTs have been added to the project. We advise people to buy the tokens now because experts are starting to talk about it and the project has low costs and promises potential returns.


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Fight Out 

M2E coins seem to be on a hot streak lately and Fight Out is the latest coin to garner a lot of attention from crypto experts and influencers. This is reflected by the presale which is already closing in on the $3 million raised point, despite only having begun a short time ago. Fight Outs popularity is no surprise when you read their manifesto. 

They aim to combine the best parts of physical gyms and fitness apps to give users a complete and well rounded fitness experience. Clients will be able to download the app and access personalized workouts that are tailored to their strengths and goals. The best part is you can earn REP, the native currency by surpassing the objectives set out for you. 

Fight Out is also a metaverse coin as users can purchase NFT avatars when they begin their fitness journeys. The avatars will grow and develop along with their owners and be used in the Metaverse to socialize with other members.

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Robotera is one of the newer games in the metaverse and involves creating a sandbox-like planet-rebuilding universe. In this game, you play a robot, manage your own land and take part in the building of the world. You will also be able to obtain resources from your land and make robot friends. Create anything you can think of, and begin a new era with other robots.

Robotera offers a joint multiverse that links with other worlds, museums, opening theme parks, concerts, and other venues. Create, explore, operate, share and trade in Robotera with the various NFT communities.

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Many experts have picked Calvaria to be the biggest P2E game of 2023. A brave claim when you consider how saturated this market is currently and that will only increase as we head into 2023. If the presale is anything to go by these experts will be correct as it has been a great success. It has been confirmed the presale will end on the 31st of January with an IEO with BKex to begin right after. This will be followed by listings with LBank, BitMart and others.

The popularity surrounding the project is no sunrise when you play the game. A battle strategy game that involves players purchasing NFT battle cards and building a deck. Players can then battle each other to try and win the native currency, RIA. Another cool aspect is unlike most P2E games there is a free play option where players can even get a free NFT when they sign up. A clear sign of the confidence the creators have in the game.


Tamadoge is a metaverse crypto game based on doge that has been outstanding in the crypto gaming community. Players will begin by buying an NFT pet, with different pets, each possessing unique characteristics, weaknesses, and strengths. Players also get to affect the growth of their pets by feeding them with virtual feed, nurturing them, and purchasing treats and toys for them. 

The pets can be pitted against one another as soon as they are fully developed in the Tamadoge virtual arena. The winning players then move up the game’s leaderboards, earning TAMA tokens (the native cryptocurrency of the game) as a reward. TAMA can then be spent at the Tamadoge marketplace by players to either purchase in-game upgrades or extra NFT pets.   

Tamadoge has been listed officially on OKX, one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world. The listing of Tamadoge on OKX occurred simultaneously with the issuance of TAMA tokens to preorder investors. The “Claim” button on Tamadoge’s website allows investors who bought TAMA during the presale to get their tokens.

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Battle Infinity

Another popular metaverse game that gets both creators and players excited is Battle Infinity . The objective of Battle Infinity is to create a multiverse of metaverses wherein players can discover a wide range of interesting adventures to explore. In this metaverse platform, you also get to play mini-games created by independent creators, in addition to the games developed by the Battle Infinity team. 

Battle Infinity starts off the metaverse with its first game named IBAT Premier League. The Cricket Premier League in India serves as the basis for the play-to-earn fantasy sports game. Players will set up personalized cricket teams and gain points from players’ real-life performances.  When the season ends, the best players are gifted the official cryptocurrency of the Battle Infinity (IBAT) and one of the best metaverse tokens on the market. 

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Metaverse Crypto Games are a fun way of earning cash. With fun metaverse games like the ones we have mentioned above all being sponsored by new and exciting NFTs, you can be sure you’re making good earnings. The Metaverse explosion is only going to continue so finding a good project to jump on board is crucial, we believe we have given you five of the best in this article.