Crypto and Twitter – Will Elon Musk’s Acquisition Help Crypto Investors?

Crypto and Twitter are both hot topics these days, and for good reason. Elon Musk has been a  crypto believer for some time now, and Twitter has begun allowing Bitcoin and Ethereum addresses to be placed on their platform. Now we know that Musk is buying (update: has bought!) Twitter. will the match prove to be a match made in heaven? Will Elon Musk’s acquisition help crypto investors? Well, a lot is yet to be seen, but it sure seems to be promising seeing Twitter’s newfound tolerance for crypto and Musk’s current fascination with it. Crypto and Twitter could become words commonly used in the same sentence. Let’s look at a few reasons why.

Crypto Is Here To Stay and will Only Expand

For starters, Jack Dorsey, although a Bitcoin maximallist (meaning that is the only crypto he really believes in), months ago allowed Ethereum to become part of the Twitter platform. Not long after that, Dorsey resigned as CEO of Twitter. Despite that, there crypto prospects remained and they have had ambitions of further developing a crypto R&D department. With Musk at the wheel, it’s logical to project that crypto will become an even more integral part of the platform as the months and years of restructuring roll on.

The first step has been to allow the Tip Jar feature for content creators to utilize Bitcoin for the tip payments. But what if Twitter were to establish itself as the first social media platform to integrate as many solid crypto projects as possible as well as establish a few of its own?

Bitcoin and Twitter

Already being set up on the platform, Twitter users already have a head start with Bitcoin. Now Ethereum is also designed into the system. Although Bitcoin is known as a store of value and the kingpin leader who kicked off the entire crypto phenomenon, it is by no means the only project available in which to invest.

Bitcoin has the potential to generate some decent returns, but it’s not the only option. In fact, if you think Bitcoin might be a little much for you to handle, there are many other cryptocurrencies out there that have far lower risk profiles. There are different types of “coins” (another term for crypto ventures). But what about Elon Musk? What does he have to do with the big picture?

Twitter and Crypto

As mentioned above, Elon Musk already has a love for crypto, and more importantly a brilliant grasp on its potential and the fact that it will only grow. Thus the purpose of this article which tackles the question of whether or not Musk’s potential purchase of Twitter could cause crypto prices to rise in the near term. Well, it just so happened that Musk purchased Twitter for $44 Billion. He is putting up $21 Billion in cash and the rest will be financed.

If you recall in recent weeks, Elon Musk bought a little shy of 10% of Twitter’s stock. That amount was substantial, but not enough to make the course-correction decisions that he feels are necessary for the company. His initial funding of almost 9% of Twitter stock is substantial, but not enough to take control of the company. But now, Musk’s ownership stake will give him the ability to give everyone a voice while adhering to sensible policies and laws that dialog unprotected speech, such as personal threats, etc…

One thing Musk can now do is to offer other crypto possibilities to people all across the globe. There are so many different types of cryptocurrencies that have exploded onto the scene in recent months and years, it would make your head spin. There are projects for decentralized finance (taking bankers out of the middle of your transactions, quick payment options that rival PayPal and Venmo, and metaverse options, just to name a few.

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Restoring Free Speech for Everyone

Owning Twitter gives Elon Musk the ability to influence a variety of decisions that have been made at Twitter in recent months, including the suspension of The Babylon Bee, Alex Jones and other conservative and/or controversial individuals and institutions, not to mention major news anchors and even the President of the United States at the time, Donald Trump. Their bent has clearly been to silence any right-leaning voices whenever anything that isn’t good for their left-leaning candidates is mentioned, no matter how true it is.

Of course, there main stream freak show, I mean media, is freaking out about Musk changing the algorithms at Twitter that prevent conservative views from being expressed. They are so obvious in the fact that there is no other reason for their protests. First, are they concerned that they will now be the ones silenced? No! Not only do they still have every other major platform, but the mission is to restore free speech, not to copy the evil power hungry censorship the left has been craving.

Second, what other reason could there be? No one seems to be able to answer that. If the newly owned Twitter were to do to liberals what liberals have done to conservatives, there would be legal consequences. And if anyone is to use any unprotected speech, that would clearly be disallowed. It hasn’t been. Now all of the sudden they are interested in regulations that would affect how media giants operate. Hahaha! How ironic, the day the transaction went through, I hear all the MSM outlets and the WH talking about making changes. They weren’t in such a hurry whenever the truth about Hunter’s laptop was being exposed and inappropriately removed. The weren’t in a hurry when the illegally false narrative about Trump’s supposed Russian collusion was spewed and left up. Not only was that never even remotely proven, it was clearly a fabrication at the nefarious hands of Hillary Clinton , her campaign, and the DNC.

So, clearly, don’t listen to what the old Twitter “says” their policies are or were. But watch what they “do”. We’d likely all agree on the surface with the generic policies and reasons why they would remove or mark content. But they literally contradict those policies by the thousands every day by allowing dangerous information or things that are proven to be untrue. Yet if they don’t like the fact that a laptop from hell exists, they aggresively censor (meaning delete) EVERY mention of it.

See, proponents for free speech want all voices to be heard. That’s how we get to the truth. If someone comes out claiming this or that, well, let’s see where the collective facts lead. the truth eventually comes out. Now, maybe we are onto something! it’s abundantly clear that anyone not in favor of wide open free speech is afraid of the unbridled truth coming to light. What does that say about the left?

Twitter and Free Speech

Elon Musk’s net worth is over $200 billion. He only needed a portion of that fortune to buy his $21 Billion downpayment for Twitter, along with other investors. If he had been unable to provide the funds necessary, Twitter would be sold off to a large tech company, which would probably be the likes of Facebook. They certainly don’t need more control. That would be a disaster!

If you’re unfamiliar with Twitter, think of it as the Internet version of cable television. It is a way for people to communicate in an organized manner with friends, family and the world at large. It is sometimes used for business purposes as well. Fans can use Twitter to talk about what they are seeing on TV and make general announcements regarding their favorite shows and products. But Twitter has been involved in blatant censorship of viewpoints they don’t like and allowing other viewpoints that are downright dangerous. The mainstream media frequently tweets about the stock market and other news items, but not nearly as much as Twitter.

Back to Crypto and Twitter

So what does a social media site that is censoring free speech and going after users with whom it disagrees have to do with crypto? Well, it might have everything to do with crypto. Twitter would no doubt be interested in promoting coins and tokens. They could use these networks to promote their own coins or they could use the network itself to issue tokens. Twitter itself could become a metaver4se project where subscribers could use crypto as a medium of exchange . Twitter was one of the first to start using crypto on its own website, by accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. They then promptly stopped that practice when the price went up too much.

In an age where people are seeking out decentralized solutions, while still maintaining a high degree of convenience, the idea of Twitter accepting and promoting cryptocurrencies is extremely attractive to most gamers. Could this be the reason why Musk is trying to purchase Twitter? Keep in mind that Musk is also interested in launching his own cryptocurrency according to some sources.


So, I started this post late last night and woke today to find that Elon had in fact purchased Twitter. One of the first things that stood out about the reporting is that several crypto currencies have jumped up a bit since the announcement, especially dogecoin for which Musk is known for being a fan. I expect this to happen again this evening when the news is put on the front page of several popular websites. If you’re not a fan of Twitter, this could be your chance to get out of it. But if you’re a fan of free speech, now is a good time to support your loved ones freedoms.

How will Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter change the social media environment? That’s the big question, and everyone wants to know the answer. The mainstream media is going to talk about Twitter and cryptocurrency for quite a while. That will translate into increased exposure for several coins, and increased interest from the general public. This is especially true for investors who are new to the market. The first thing that many people do when they invest in something is look up some statistics, and that means visiting a crypto website.

How important iw free speech to people? Do they want a social media platform that allows free expression, or are they happy with the Twitter model of censorship? Do they think they’ll be able to profit from investing in various crypto networks and platforms? These are all questions that will come into play, and we should have some answers in the coming months.

In Closing

I’ve published a few articles about the crypto market, covering topics that include timing for the next bull market, entrance strategies , and predictions for the future. There is no doubt about it – crypto is hot. When people first hear about this new way to make money, their natural reaction is one of intrigue. Twitter under Musk will offer new opportunities for crypto to surge. So how should you invest in the crypto market? Make educated decisions that are in your best interest. If you jump into a coin too quickly, without doing any real research, then you could easily be caught up in the next pump and dump. Many people are still new to the crypto world, and they’re susceptible to these kinds of schemes. Take your time, learn about coins and participate in the market when you feel comfortable with doing so.

What would happen if Elon Musk started accepting cryptocurrencies on Twitter? Would we see a dramatic increase in price for certain coins? Would more people decide to mine their own coins? One thing is for sure – people will make money from this move by Musk.

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